For Dubliners

City of a Thousand Welcomes is a civic initiative to introduce tourists to Dubliners who are knowledgeable and passionate about their city. We call them Ambassadors. This is how it works:

When a visitor registers with City of a Thousand Welcomes, we send them a free guide to the city and appoint a Dublin Ambassador to welcome them. Shortly afterwards, the Ambassador invites the visitor for a cup of tea in a café or a pint in a Dublin pub.

If the visitor accepts the invitation, we give the Ambassador a voucher for two pints or cups of tea/coffee. The Ambassador has a short, informal meeting with the visitor, welcoming them to the city and telling them a little bit about it.

The role of an Ambassador is voluntary and unpaid. To become an Ambassador, you must be over 21. There are two steps to the process: a questionnaire, followed by a short exam about Dublin. It only takes a few minutes.

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